Our philosophy

Most of our clients are subsidiaries of small and medium-sized enterprises, wishing to build up business activity in Germany.

In order to establish and ensure the quick growth of your business, we act as an interface between the German subsidiary and the parent company, all whilst representing your interests to the various authorities.

Our individual fiscal advice – not only for companies but also for private taxpayers – takes into account all tax declaration obligations as well as short-term changes in tax law and is aligned to optimize the tax burden within the legal framework.


Our services

Bookkeeping and VAT

  • Keeping and monitoring accounts and reporting in line with the structure of the parent company
  • Preparing and filing of periodic and annual VAT returns


  • Creating payslips and payroll deductions
  • Representing your interests to and communicating with German social security and health insurance agencies

Preparation of tax declarations and annual financial statements

  • Establishing annual closures and fiscal statements, analysing financial statements


  • in founding a company or subsidiary in Germany or abroad (legal form, business plan etc.)
  • during any fiscal or social security inspections

Expertise & advice

Assisting (among others) in the following areas/matters

  • Founding or restructuring of a company
  • Cross-border restructuring
  • VAT in cross-border trade payables
  • Avoidance of double taxation
  • Determination and reporting of current and deferred taxes
  • International Transfer Pricing


The audit of annual financial statements and management report are carried out on the basis of German or international accounting standards (IAS) supported by modern technology and software.

Are you an entrepreneur, partner or private taxpayer, wanting to take advantage of fiscal consultancy and individually-tailored services? If so, do not hesitate to contact us.